Evidence based confirmation of psychosomatic part of medical conditions (Cognitive science).

    Initiative invites medical professionals in different specialties for evidence based confirmation of managements of psychosomatic medical conditions through cognitive science. E.g. the current management of very common medical condition of acne generally takes more than 2-3 months to be effective and bring noticeable changes. But, with the aid of cognitive sciences the time taken to get the noticeable response of management gets reduced to 2-3 weeks. The associated psychological conditions like depression, starts improving fantastically in the first week itself. The confirmation study will be done in association/collaboration with parent organization/institution and the government agency so as these participating agencies also gets real first hand taste of power of cognitive science in psychosomatic medical conditions.

    Invitation to investors and socialpreneur for participation as co-founder in a holistic, simple, sustainable, eco friendly economic venture for Solid waste management for the whole northern region of India

    We invite socialpreneur and investors for financial participation as co-founder in a mega, simple, sustainable eco-friendly, economically highly viable venture for a solid waste management project in northern region of India. This out of box approach, ready to be implemented is sure to be copied in whole of India and in other many parts of the world. The founders expect a good financial return in addition to philanthropic satisfaction. Please contact with prior supply of information about yourself for further steps or query.