Who We Are?

We are a group of people like you with a special mission to peace and tranquillity by way of understanding and prosperity. It is in contrast to the popular belief that prosperity and peace is difficult to co-exist. We are the people with finance in plenty but not sure where to invest for growth.We are the people with skills and qualifications but not sure where to apply. We are the organisation not sure to whom they support and participate to achieve their goals.

We coordinate, participate, mentor, manage and lead to acheive the final goal of humans for happiness, high security and certainty.

How We Do?

Our Company Mission

Ours mission is to achieve peace and tranquillity for all on planet by highest level of understanding and knowledge through prosperity by means of creative actions.

Our Approach

Inviting participation from creative,active people and organizations leading them to prosperity thus through understanding,knowledge to highest peace and tranquillity for all.


Our approach is to invite all for participation for projects/ventures of their interest out of the listed projects/ventures or any new one. We compliment the deficiencies in current time by coordination, participation, management, leadership and troubleshooting at each and every stage of planning, execution, development, growth, expansion and review.

Success Stories

We did it for Bio-medical Waste Management for whole India from concept to planning, trial run and execution in the name of "ISHU INTERNATIONAL" .

We mentored and incubated a start-up in Nanotechnology under the Banner "ISHU INTERNATIONAL". Now, it is at an advance stage of incubation period.

We mentored and supported "MUNSHI CHACHA" a start-up, an Online intereactive portal for registration and filings of GST returns.

We supported the development of "POLYBOOSTERS" a new series of different Nano-Plastic composite masterbatch materials for applications in strength boosting, antibacterial, lightweight etc.

We supported the development of "JALTARANG" a new, nanotechnology based superhydrophobic coatings for applications on leather, yarns, textiles etc.